Week 2-3: Following the template

In my previous post, I have written how I am planning on studying Japanese, at least for this month. With regular listening and memrise practice to better attune myself.  This is a short update on some specific diversions and things I did in the 2nd and 3rd week to be supplemented in the template. Continue reading “Week 2-3: Following the template”


Week 1: The Template

A delayed post. Sorry. But the first week and the following days were a bit hectic due to new year celebrations and related household issues. My family doesn’t do any special celebrations but I have this personal routine of making the first day as a template of how I would like to spend the other 364 days of the year. This year the day was supposed to reflect the goals and habits including those of language learning. Continue reading “Week 1: The Template”

Reading for Pain

After a certain level of language acquisition (upper intermediate) depending on how comfortable you are with the painstaking process of looking up words and their meaning, reading is a great way of acquiring new vocabulary organically and with its context-specific nuances. It is also a beginner’s desperate act where the materials that have fascinated you into jumping into the language learning journey are much more complicated than your language repertoire. No matter what stage, the first few months of getting into the reading habit of your second or third target language is a masochistic activity.

Continue reading “Reading for Pain”

Monthly Update: When September Ends

The results of the July JLPT N2 (did not pass) were more dampening for my learning spirit than I expected.  The results were also announced close to the deadline for submission of December JLPT. Before the announcement, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to take the test but I was also open to the possibility of retaking it in case I failed. However, the reality is always different than one’s expectation. Continue reading “Monthly Update: When September Ends”