Monthly Update: January 2019

From this month onwards, I will be spending more time studying offline and I would be limiting my time writing on the blog. It is also because I feel there is not any significant progress being made every week to have a weekly post. So from now, there will be a monthly post on language learning progress, posted mostly in the last week of the month.

Here is the update for January:

I spent most of the time getting back into the rhythm of language learning. Revising, Listening and Memrising. I am glad to note that I have improved a lot from when i first started and my vocabulary has expanded considerably. However, I have also realized that the road ahead is even longer and more difficult than before. But the rewards are also bigger. Hence the need to put extra efforts.

With the end of January, I will have only 5 months to prepare for the JLPT exam in July. That means I need to prepare with earnestness. One of the ways of clearly ace-ing an exam is when your level goes beyond the level of exam. That is my aim as well.

And to achieve this aim, I need to utilize the tactics that suit me the best. That would be doing things by hand for the most part and using offline methods for revision purpose as well. What this will mean is me writing down kanjis, words and grammar patterns on notebooks and doing practice exercises.

As evident, these are going to be time taking activities with not much insightful reporting on them.

Meanwhile, I will continue with the reading practice, which is progressing really slowly. These will probably make up other posts on my blog. The translation and other goals are on halt till the JLPT exam.




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